Generation Y. Millennials. The digital age. However you call it, it’s the screen generation now. We each do more than 150 phone checks and spend over 8 hours behind computer or television screens every day, and it’s a wonder how we aren’t plagued with daily migraines resulting from eyestrain.

I admit that I’m pretty much a screen addict. The first thing I do in the morning when I wake is to check my phone. The last thing I do before I turn off the lights at night is also to check my phone. In between that, I’m most likely parked behind my laptop screen. And now that I’ve moved to a new city and must rely on public transportation for commutes, I’ve been using my phone even more than before. On the surface, it all seems harmless at the moment. But somewhere in the very back of my mind, there’s a nagging worry – I love having my 20/20 eyesight, and I’d hate for that to be ruined simply because I can’t go one day without staring at a digital screen.

Thankfully, there’s the e-polette line from Polette Eyewear. The glasses from the e-polette line feature slightly tinted polarized lens that filter against 40% of the blue light that emanates from LED screens. Did you know that there’s a correlation between blue light over-exposure and damaged retinas? Emerging research has also shown possibilities of longer-term health hazards, such as sleep disorder and depression. I have no desire to deal with the effects from poor eye health, so nowadays, I try to remember to wear my e-polette frames when I’m streaming my TV shows, working on assignments, and even Instagramming. If you’ve used or heard of the f.lux computer software that adjusts your monitor’s color display to reduce blue light, it has the same concept as the e-polette frames! I’ve used f.lux in the past and I just couldn’t get used to the yellowing on my monitor, so now I just  grab my e-polette glasses instead. Plus, they give me that opportunity to break into my geeky side without sacrificing on style. So many of us wear non-prescription lens for fun already, so why not have a pair that actually protects your eyes?

You can shop the entire e-polette collection here.

DSC05822_2DSC05809_2 DSC05819_2DSC05831_2DSC05823_2DSC05814_2

Special thanks to Polette Eyewear for partnering on this post

Duster Coat: Topshop (similar)
Dress: Lush via Nordstrom
Scarf: BP via Nordstrom
Booties: Zara (sold out; splurge here)
Glasses: Polette Eyewear



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