All of a sudden, the end of the school semester looms eerily, and as a result, the sky-high pile of work that goes into final group projects becomes dauntingly oppressive and soul-draining, leaving me with dark shadows under my eyes and tired-looking complexion every day. A full eight hours of beauty sleep is out of the question for the time-being, so to avoid looking like I just awoke from the land of the dead, I’ve turned to When masks to save face, literally!

In colorful packaging, the When masks product lineup includes five unique masks, each with a special function:
When your skin feels tired and worn… go for 10:00PM
When you want to prep for perfect makeup… go for Glamour Base
When you are on the road… go for Travelmate 
When you want clear and brighter looking skin… go for Snow Magic 
When your skin needs that extra glass of water… go for The Last Choice

With a heavy workload and non-stop schedule these days, I could easily go for all five masks, but for the sake of this review, I experimented with Glamour Base and The Last Choice, both of which left my skin feeling refreshed and soft! Each When mask is crafted from an all-natural bio-cellulose sheet that is made with coconut extracts, delivering natural hydration and adhesion flawlessly.

My love for face masks run deep, whether it be clay masks, cucumber masks, sheet masks, black tea masks, or even rose masks. But since I’m a true lazy girl at heart, I have a special predilection for sheet masks mainly because there is no post-mask rinsing required! I’ve tried many different sheet masks, and When’s products feel the lightest on my face. There’s also no excessive bunching (most masks are much too big for my face), and I love how the mask eventually dries while on your face, dispelling any guilt of potentially wasting leftover serum!

Some handy tips on When mask application:
Be clean: Apply mask using clean hands on clean face (meaning, no makeup residue!)
Waste not: Massage remaining serum in pouch on neck, hands, arms, legs, and/or feet
Be patient: Remove mask after 30min. The mask will have dried out completely. Don’t fall asleep while wearing the mask.
Enhance: After removal of mask, apply a drop or two of your favorite face oil (I like argan oil and rosehip oil)

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you will get the chance to explore When’s line of masks – here’s to younger, brighter looking skin!

When Masks
Available at Sephora, Ulta Beauty, Anthropologie, Bartell Drugs, Beautychoice.com, Birchbox, Rickys NYC
| Instagram

DSC06435 DSC06436

Special thanks to Brandbacker and When for partnering on this post



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