You would think that after all this time of blogging about fashion and photographing clothes, I would have the answer to “What’s your personal style?” nailed down. But recently, I was asked that twice in different settings, and each time, I actually had to pause for half of a second to think about it!

Don’t get me wrong – in my head, I know exactly what my personal style encompasses, but it was always just a cloud of intangible ideas since I never took the time to attribute adjectives (or any active thought!) towards it. But now that I’ve been stumped twice, I’ve made sure to really think about it and can now answer that question in a heartbeat.

Think of it as a 3-word formula. Find three solid adjectives that work together to embody your personal style. Example adjectives include trend-driven, feminine, statement-making, colorful, elevated, clean, bold, experimental, simple, edgy, minimalist, tailored, downtown, sporty, modern, sultry, classic… the options are endless! I’m always playing around with my wardrobe and trying new styles, but ultimately, my personal style is contemporary classics with a hint of feminine air. As for my go-to Spring outfit? A swing dress topped with a duster jacket (or a leather jacket, of course!) and finished off with black booties and a classic, demure bag.

I’d love to hear your take on your personal style, or even just your thoughts on life! Hit me up here in the Comments section or on Instagram anytime. As always thanks so much for reading!

1_2 DSC06105_2 DSC06111_2 DSC06115_2 DSC06116_2 DSC06124_2 DSC06130_2 DSC06131_2

Dress: New Look
Jacket: Pleione (similar)
Bag: Mansur Gavriel
Belt: Asos
Watch: Larsson & Jennings
Booties: Sam Edelman
Sunglasses: Special thanks to Polette



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