katie gallagher NYFW SS17

This is it – I’m back in blogging business!

After a few months of summer hiatus, I’m determined to somehow squeeze in some time for this blogging brainchild of mine. And what better time than now to dive back in with some New York Fashion Week coverage? Now that I’m living here in New York City, you would think it’s a lot easier than before to attend shows, but when you’re balancing a full time work schedule with night classes and a little side gig for some extra pocket money as well as being a cat mum, it becomes quite the endeavor to squeeze fashion week events into an already crammed schedule! Nonetheless, I was determined to make the best of it, so the other day, I was honored to attend the Katie Gallagher SS17 presentation!

An all-black palette used to be my uniform (and is still my go-to formula), so this collection resounded deeply with me. Black shares attributes with being secretive, unknown, and mysterious. It is the darkest color yet it is a color with no color at all. It represents both full absorption and complete absence of light. It is both evil and elegance. Katie Gallagher’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection, Eclipse, is her third all-black collection, followed by last season’s all black collection, Veiled and her initial collection, S/S 2010, Veil.

Eclipse is a monochromatic collection that relies on textures and subtle details, nodding at an inspiration gleaned from gothic architecture, Harry Clarke illustrations and traditional Catholic rituals and symbols. To balance these heavy themes, Gallagher contrasts with lightweight fabrics and whimsical embroidery by combining Swiss Dot sheer jackets with delicate lace and pony fur and English tulle skirts. Gathered, twisted seams further juxtaposed with grosgrain ribbons and silver zippers set against a sea of black define Gallagher’s SS17 collection.

Scroll on to see all the looks from Katie Gallagher’s SS17 collection – Eclipse.

katie gallagher nyfw ss17 1 katie gallagher nyfw ss17 2 katie gallagher nyfw ss17 3 katie gallagher nyfw ss17 4 katie gallagher nyfw ss17 5 katie gallagher nyfw ss17 6 katie gallagher nyfw ss17 7 katie gallagher nyfw ss17 8 katie gallagher nyfw ss17 9 katie gallagher nyfw ss17 10 katie gallagher nyfw ss17 11

Thank you so much for reading! Until next time!


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